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*** WARNING *** Do not watch this short video if unable to handle reality of what is happening to pregnant women who get the death jab.

Many 'types' of 'covid' (death jab) babies are being born.

All types of strange reactions and changes happen to the fetus.

Here's an example of one. He looks like he may have had bleeding on the brain and other traumatic changes within the womb as the death jabs demonic hell born tentacles infest the vessel.

This baby may not survive for long. But truth is..... many of them won't. And those that do......... what will they be?

Stop this nonsense immediately people.

It's a circus! Guess whose the animals in it?

She sent many to their death.... and many others to life long injuries promoting propaganda.

Now the death jab has given her the gift of Bell's Palsy.

Isn't that something...

The satanic pedophiles are laughing at the sheer idiocy of the sheeple.

The sleeple will believe ANYTHING the media tells them.

But many are awakening... many are spreading the word.

Media is too big
Illuminati recruitment video... Become one of the chosen.

Made in a hilarious movie/video game like style.

Truth in plain site?

You decide.

Media is too big
Underwater Volcanic Eruption Captured In Tonga... Heard Across The South Pacific.. Tsunami Advisory For West Coast!