Wilmington, NC


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Many of you have at least heard of Tulsa, OKs Black Wall Street but it isn’t unique. There was a wave of racial terrorism across the country from the 1880s all the way 1930s aimed at systematically destroying the wealth of darker skinned native Americans (aka black people), physically preventing them from voting, and driving them out of the public sphere carried out by white supremacist organizations like the KKK and the Red Shirts. Every single major city in the US had at least one anti-black pogrom during that period.

Wilmington, NC used to be the biggest and most prosperous city in North Carolina and one of the most significant cities in the entire deep south region. It was a majority black city where forward thinking black and white people from all over the south came together and built a community that was world renowned as an example of what was possible when black and white people worked together.

They founded a third party called the “fusionist party” that became dominant in local politics. When the fusionist party got a governor and some legislators elected at the state level on a platform of wiping out personal debt and reducing federal control of the money supply, thousands of out of town white folks got together and invaded Wilmington, killing hundreds and burning entire city blocks, wiping out decades’ worth of black wealth. They formed armed gangs to prevent black people from voting, retook the state government in illegitimate elections, and implemented Jim Crow laws that made it illegal for most black people to vote, cementing fascist control over the state for decades.

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Modern education focuses on the KKK because it lets us compartmentalize the problem and imagine it as primarily southern and primarily rural. In reality, racial terrorism was an issue nationwide that affected even well off people and those who lived in areas that appeared to be more progressive or insulated from the racial troubles.

But this is also for a purpose and it will eventually come to an end.  The clones have practically achieved their masters objectives and as such, will be dismantled.



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