Wild Iberia: Mystery Of The Lynx (2015) – A documentary on the worlds rarest and most endangered cat.


This is the story of a species in extremis: The Iberian lynx is probably the world’s most beautiful cat.

Yet it may well be the most unknown.

It’s certainly the world’s most endangered and rarest cat – on the very brink of extinction.

But, at the very last moment, the Iberian lynx is now making a tentative comeback — with more than just a little help from its friends.

The program for the reintroduction of the Iberian lynx has been risky and intensive, bringing together an impressive workforce of international experts.

Meanwhile, it’s a reference project of global importance since it profits not only the Iberian lynx but a score of related wildlife species.

This TV show beautifully portrays Iberia’s charismatic big cat, a specialised rabbit hunter, in its habitat — the most stunning and wildest landscapes of southern Spain.

The leap of the Iberian lynx back from hopelessness into a sustainable future is a truly inspiring drama about the future co-existence of humans and wildlife.


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