Why conventional medicine does not want to hear this message and how to change this?


Evolutionary medicine is not new, most of it is common sense and has the potential to revolutionise health care. So why isn’t it? Why is the uptake rate painfully slow and nearly always patient driven?

Using the example of Craniofacial Dystrophy (CFD) as an example Dr Mew will explain how he has faced losing his licence to practice (his livelihood) for no more than voicing his opinions and concerns. And he is not the only one. Why does the truth face such stiff opposition and what can we do about this?

He will lightly cover CFD (and the lastest results on young adults), before explaining how and why this area of modern medicine is doing everything that it can to prevent change. When you are persecuted for following the scientific process what do you do and how do you win. For a win in one area of our cause a domino effect and change the position for the whole community.


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