Two Breathing Practices to Expand Awareness & Harmonize the Brain for More Manifestation Power


Two breathing practices to expand awareness and harmonize the brain for more manifestation power and creativity. The nature of consciousness is that we are simply awareness having an experience in physical form, of which the brain is intricately involved in creating. Consciousness, which encompasses the mind itself, is a non-local field of energy. This means that the brain is simply an organ which connects the mind with physical reality. The brain is an incredibly important organ in the manifestation of consciousness in physical form. If it is not functioning optimally, it will distort the experience of consciousness and the mind considerably. On the other hand, if it is well-nourished, and the 2 hemispheres are operating in sync and harmony, the experience of reality will be greatly improved. This produces higher emotional states, balance and increased intuition to attract, create and manifest more of what is desired.


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