This story comes from a Hawaiian newspaper in 1907, it shows a map from a Japanese Buddhist temple of a 10,000 year old map. This is a copy of the worm eaten original….. “aliens” may be closer than we think.


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“The map was found by my brother in a Japanese temple in the mountains of Japan,” said Dr. Kobayashi. “It has been hidden from the Japanese government in modern times just as it was in ancient tunes, for in olden days such a map would have been destroyed by the authorities. According to a letter the original map was brought from China by a Buddhist priest and concealed in this temple.

“Ten years ago my brother was a consumptive. Although I was a physician he did not wish to be treated with medicines. He decided to go into the mountains and attempt a cure by himself. For ten years he has remained there and used his will power to effect a cure. Today he is a well man. During his stay there he found this map. He evolved from it a theory of the flatness of the earth, despite all modern facts showing it to be a sphere. This theory has been his one aim in life. He is an artist and in order to demonstrate his theory he made beautiful drawings, picturesque and attractive to the eye, in which mechanical, astronomical and engineering methods are shown.

“My brother goes back to the days of Columbus and Amerigo Vespucci who, he says, sailed for a new country believing that by sailing directly in one general direction they would ultimately come to the place.

“We moderns know that a vessel sailing from a port and going generally in a continually easterly manner will arrive at the same place. The vessel, of course, goes around the globe. My brother’s theory is that one sails about a vast plane as one would sail around the edges of a bowl.”

One of the biggest things that got me researching conspiracies was how wonky the poles are on Google Earth. It got me researching hollow earth and Antarctica as well as the North Pole which are still some of the greatest mysteries, and probably more important than anyone can imagine.

Admiral Byrd said Antarctica was going to be the most important place for the future, untapped natural resources and you can store food there to end world hunger. He said they returned a year after making a meal and ate it, it was still good. He describes a continent beyond the south pole off of middle America, really think about his wording on that and look at this map.

Antarctica is of immense military importance, it should be highly contested:

“Admiral Richard E. Byrd warned today that the United States should adopt measures of protection against the possibility of an invasion of the country by hostile planes coming from the polar regions. The admiral explained that he was not trying to scare anyone, but the cruel reality is that in case of a new war, the United States could be attacked by planes flying over one or both poles.”

Check out operation high jump lead by Admiral Byrd, one of the most badass dudes in modern history; Antarctica kicked their asses.

Antarctica is more than they tell us, UFO’s could come from one of those ancient continents that are now frozen over in a great ring around us. Earth could be way bigger and all of our oceans in a closed body in the middle of a much bigger frozen body of water.

Check out the Urbano Monte map of of 1587, if you like old maps this one is increadible, I hope you see the similarities:

The ancients talk about Titans, people whose height measured in the miles/kilometers/ells, Sumerian Kings that reigned 30,000 – 40,000 years……they probably grew pretty big in that time. I can’t help but think they are actually “normal” size and we are tiny, tiny people by comparison.

The world is likely much, much bigger. This whole flat earth thing might just be people on a penny sized flat spot of a beach ball sized planet for a comparison arguing about it being flat and round. An area that small on a sphere that large would appear relatively flat. Or it could be a flat simulation, nobody truly knows.

Watch…… Google satellite photos of antarctica, or space station, try to find one legit photo of antarctica. You will find illustrations, composites, data, small areas of it, but not a single simple photo of it as a continent. The lack of information on the poles is astounding in this day and age. Right after Admiral Byrd said Antarctica is super important all countries agreed Antarctica is off limits, the only uncontested area of the world with all the untapped resources ….yeah right. We just aren’t allowed there, we are most likely very primitive compared to any nation that would be beyond the south pole.

Obsess on Antarctica and you will find more questions than Answers.


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