There is no escape, humanity has to deal with the dudu.


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Many of you listen to the podcast and know when I state there is no escape.

People say they’re going to escape to this place over here, or this place over there INSTEAD of dealing with the issues at their doorstep and in their minds.

Well here is Paris… YES PARIS, where many would flaunt and share their love.

The same thing is going on all over the planet.

The council of elder is convening and it will be decided if a few beings of light will enter the game and if so, when and who.

“Player 1 has entered the game.”


Have you ever went to North Paris? Places like the 18th and 19th arrondissements and Seine St-Denis?

There are year round small tent villages, people BBQ’ing in shopping carts and metal barrels etc. It’s astonishing levels of misery. Not this big normally, but it’s common to find 3-10 tents in those places.

Paris is beautiful but also a city of astounding inequality. On levels similar to San Francisco or anywhere else you can think of in the US.



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