The Strange World of Breatharianism


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There are so many ‘Muwa’ around which in itself is sad but not that big of a deal if people just understood the basics of how the body works AND/OR the basics of where ‘information’ comes from.  When people realize this, one is not as easily fooled by people who say all they do is eat light 24/7/365, when their light body is encapsulated within ‘flesh’ and this flesh has basic requirements.

If one does not give the flesh these basic requirements then one will find themselves without flesh… lmao.  Pretty simple right?  This same basic step by step can be applied to most things in life.


In 2013, a YouTuber named Naveena Shine documented her attempt to become a breatharian—a person who claims to nourish themselves on air and light, rather than food. Breatharianism has been operating in the far fringes of new age esoterica for decades, with its history of fraudulent gurus, public humiliation, and tragedy.



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