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A very brief and bland view into real paganism.  It goes much deeper than this.

Did you not know the Blood God requires blood?

This is partially why such anger from those on crusades going thru various lands killing any and all heretics. These acts are the very abomination to the ‘supposed’ one true God.

You decide.  You’ve free will after all.

This has been one of the hardest videos ever for me, to shrink down to the size of 10 minute the very fabric of who I am and what i resonate with has been very difficult, I hope I managed to make you feel the heartbeat of Northern Norway, and make you vibrate with the energy of the most sacred animal up here: The Reindeer.

For those of you who are seriously interested in following the cult of the reindeer, this video will provide an initiation ritual you will not find in books, as Sami knowledge is not to be found there, treasure it.

Blood used is a mix of reindeer blood and my period blood, antlers are reindeer antlers, also 1 antler is fine for this blot.

Vegan option is menstrual blood, or crashed berries which also will do great for this blot.


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