The Absence of How The ISS Was “Built”


Do you remember when the ISS was built? Do you recall major articles and news reports, footage of ships docking and installing modules, people cheering as the first section was built? No I didn’t think so. No one does, because no footage of the ISS being built exists.

Its as if one day it just appeared up there.

Isn’t the ISS one of mans greatest achievements? Shouldn’t we have books written about its production process? Shouldn’t there be movies showing in museums of how the ISS was built?

I have been trying to explain to a few people recently that this is the sort of thing that you would expect in a deception. It would be like someone stealing some money from a till but not all of it and when you confront them they say but there is money in the till and you say but it does not add up to the receipts and them saying but there is money in the till.

  1. No footage of inside airlocks with astronauts coming in and out of the ISS
  2. No footage of it being built
  3. No extended cctv type footage of extended periods on the space station that could not be forged
  4. No training videos, like when you see them moving a big bit of equipment around you may get a five second video clip or a photo, for sure you would want to record that for training purposes of new astronauts.
  5. No serious footage of ‘science’ experiments No footage (unedited) of a days work onboard the ISS, just show arounds and a lot of talk about work and science

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