Study: Coronavirus May Have Begun in August


Another bombshell…. Even though what we have been told of Coronavirus is fake and part of a greater agenda.

Remember on the podcast it was stated that because of all the consultations that are done and the data collected that something was amidst as early as July-August of 2019.

Because many of the symptoms they state Covid-19 has we came across many of those same symptoms but months prior.

Remember this?

When I mentioned this on the podcast not only did many callers immediately hang up, but I got a few angry phone calls afterward stating I have no idea what I’m talking about. Even though we’re batting 10 for 10 for years now.

Well here is Main Stream Media stating that indeed something was up months prior to the supposed November pandemic day.

Cognitive dissonance is one heck of a mental phenomenal but  those who had ears to listen as least were a head of the curve. This goes much much deeper than what has been talked about.

This is why it is important to get consultations health or otherwise with sources that you trust.  Because these sources may be able to bring out info that only a collective repository of information can bring forth.



A new study from Harvard used satellite images to suggest the coronavirus actually began in August. Chinese fighter jets enter Taiwan airspace. China has created a Twitter army. Hong Kong protesters protest and Hong Kong police tear gas. Tensions on the border with India. China exported defective N95 face masks. And Zoom decides that a Tiananmen Square Massacre igil is too controversial. That and more on this week’s China news headlines.


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