Strange phenomenal happening in the clouds


This Biker HAD To Pull Over And Start Filming… His Footage Is Creating A Lot Of Controversy Video

When we find ourselves approaching storm clouds, most often, our first thought was to get away as soon as possible. However, one cyclist was so interested in what he saw before his eyes, he stopped and pulled his phone to record the phenomenon. What residents in Greenwood, Indiana saw was a flash crown, a rare event in which the sun shines on the ice crystals guided by the electric field during a storm. These events are usually not visible to the naked eye. Because the sun is still out when it does, the video captured the bike really once in a lifetime event.

STRANGE SKY 2015: Mysterious Dancing Light & Clouds, Altered Atmosphere & Orbs

In light of a recent video of this “dancing light” in the clouds (link below), It reminded me of other clips I have seen, so decided to put a short compilation together of our sky in general and how we can see it has changed. Hope you guys like it.

Links to videos/channels

Dancing Light…

Strange Skies by ortegablue

“Sculptured Sky” South Carolina…

Netherlands Sky Second Light And Dimmed Sun…

Orb Video Canada…


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