STOP Overthinking NOW | Detachment From Negativity | Theta Binaural Beat


432Hz Native drums with 5,5Hz theta binaural beats (created at 432Hz) + sounds of wind and rain. Stunning Nature visuals! We live in this physical reality. A reality that we create with our thoughts and emotions = our vibration. To raise your vibration, shutting off the overthinking mind and choose thoughts that are creating solutions, growth, learning, freedom and happiness – that´s the goal. Negativity are there as feedback and opportunity uniquely for each Soul to learn and grow. If we do not learn, we will just recreate the same circumstances no matter where we are or who we spend our time with. Life will reflect what needs to be healed. Many people are stuck in ego; blaming everyone and everything else. It´s not about who´s right or wrong. It´s about stepping up to the gift of life and take full responsibility for what we co-create. Yes everything we are experiencing is co-creation. Fro ego perspective this is not so. For the Soul, it is truth.



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