Solar Plexus Chakra Healing Music | Super Powerful Self Confidence | Chakra Meditation Music


Solar Plexus Chakra is also known as Manipura in sanskrit, which means is the “home of jewel”. This is where that inner diamond, inner jewel resides in all of us, and it is our responsibility that we discover that gem inside all of us. Meditating on Solar Plexus Chakra helps in uncovering the real jewel we all are. It is also helpful in reducing stomach ulcers, IBS pain and keeps our digestive system healthy. So, flow of energy in this chakra is very very important.

Meditating along with this music will help a lot in easily balance the chakra. To take your chakra meditation practice further, you may chant the seed mantra “RAM” along with this track. The vibrations from the Chants are very very effective tool in balancing and healing any chakra.



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