Solar Eclipse this weekend


As you’ve all heard by now, there will be a total solar eclipse this weekend. I’m so shocked that people haven’t made the correlation yet, however the “ring of fire” or the sun’s “corona” that will be present during this event followed by the re-opening of NYC and many other major cities on June 22 is literally storybook. It’s as-if this event is marking the end or beginning of something else. I definitely believe there is a deep involvement of the powers at play here with some sort of ritual that interlinks all of the events happening in the world recently– call me crazy but it feels like everything’s been standstill for the past couple weeks and that there’s likely going to be a mindset shift/new events unfolding following June 22… it all feels like a script the more I think and observe objectively…

2020 has been the greatest social experiment in publicly recorded human history.




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