Secret Tunnels, Neutrino Underground Labs, and Ancient Connections


Are tunnels just re-purposed ancient subterranean canals?


Mundus subterraneus…

I’ve been telling people for years, we’ve de-evolved massively. Technology IS NOT a sign of advancement. Rather the opposite.


I am 70 year old mechanical engineer & witnessed destruction of US industry. In late 1978 I immigrated to US from Poland, everything in US stores was Made in USA. Factory workers had summer cottages, boats. Wife did not have to work. Credit cards were rarity.  In 1981 our industry started to move to China. Thousands of engineers, tool makers, skilled machinists lost jobs for ever. Whole industrial culture was almost killed. To finish this destruction of industry, computer assisted design was introduced. Complete disaster.

Design time of the machine or industrial product was increased 5 times. On drawing board engineer works with paper , pencil & his brain. On computer 90% of his energy is used how to run the computer. Very complicated process. Manuals of drafting programs are thicker than Bible, written in new language with new words & many times wrong. Computer crashes, lost files, constant updates. In industry no company makes everything for their product. They cooperate with each other. How can you cooperate when one company is using drafting system AUTOCAD & another CATIA? (there are many systems & not compatible with each other). Job became a nightmare.

Victorian times when every year was bringing major inventions, sounds like a fantasy today. What progress we have today? Only in toy industry: new phones, new TV, car gadgets. Nothing what would improve our quality of life: physical & spiritual. People are loosing their minds covering the body with tattoos.



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