Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Press Conference – The Science of Vaccines Forum


Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. was a panelist at the “Science of Vaccine Forum” in Connecticut in response to proposed vaccine mandate legislation in the state. Mr. Kennedy was the only one of the five-member panel to show up as the three Yale professors and one pediatrician scheduled to appear cancelled at approximately 11:00 p.m. last night. Their absence is very telling of the actual strength and veracity of the “vaccines are safe and effective” mantra. Were they afraid of vaccine facts? If vaccines are so safe and effective, why didn’t they want to defend them? Watch RFK, Jr.’s presentation to the media, vaccine safety advocates and some of the Connecticut legislators in attendance.


Study showing that aluminum-containing vaccines change the behavior of sheep gets suspiciously withdrawn by conflicted publisher Elsevier

A study was published on the 3rd November 2018 in the journal Pharmacological Research, which is owned by Elsevier. The findings of the study upset the pharmaceutical industry, as it showed that injecting sheep with aluminum-containing vaccines caused behavioral changes, this is especially disturbing news as many of the vaccines on the current childhood vaccine schedule also contain aluminum.

On the 8th March 2019 the study was withdrawn in very strange circumstances due to forces which Elsevier are giving anonymity to. Pharmaceutical Research were desperately trying to think up scientific reasons for withdrawal, but everything they came up with got easily defeated by the experts who wrote the paper. Eventually the paper was withdrawn with no good reason.

The following link is to a PDF from the experts who ran the study, where they show all communications, they protest the obvious corruption which is now censoring their important paper.

Below is an article on alternative media telling the story in detail.

Here is a link to the original study itself which has now been withdrawn by Elsevier.

It is worth noting that Elsevier have a horrendous record of corruption, especially with Merck who they made fake journals for. Keep in mind that Merck sell vaccines which contain aluminum, so the withdrawal is likely a favor for their partners in crime.

Also Elsevier are conflicted with Merck as they collaborate together, such as on this database project with MilliporeSigma(Merck).

“MilliporeSigma (Merck) today announced a collaboration with Elsevier”

Academics around the world are fed up with their greed, “scandals, lawsuits, lobbying, etc” of Elsevier, so much that one by one countries and universities are starting up boycotts.

Here are some recent updates on the Elsevier boycotts:-

March 2019 – Norway Joins List of Countries Canceling Elsevier Contracts –

February 2019 – University of California boycotts publishing giant Elsevier over journal costs and open access –

July 2018 – Universities in Germany and Sweden Lose Access to Elsevier Journals ––64522

And here’s another dodgy Elsevier retraction which they got called out for, the letter protesting the retraction is signed by 1402 scientists and 4034 non-scientists from 100 different countries

This is how big industry removes inconvenient studies, and then the shills can say “there are no studies to back up your point”, all because the pharma mafia have used their power and money to get them tidied away into their skeleton cupboard.

At the same time they industry denies funding to leading experts who want to test the safety of the aluminum in vaccines, such as Professor Christopher Exley, who is left with no other choice than to crowdfund in order to perform his vital studies, his funding has all been cut off, as happens to all those who want to test vaccine safety.

Crowdfunding – Aluminum Toxicity Research Effort by Professor Christopher Exley


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