Proof Aliens are Being Covered Up in 9 Minutes


The United States Government and major governments of the world have been actively covering up the truth about extraterrestrial visitation and UFOs.

This video aims to prove said cover-up with some of the most credible video and photo evidence to date. The video includes testimonies from presidents, governors, defense ministers, astronauts, pilots, and several high-level military officials worldwide.


Disclosure also kind of happen after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Cosmonaut Victor Afanasyev saw a UFO turn toward him in space and it followed him. He photographed it, but had his film and cameras confiscated. He told his story only due to the collapse of the Soviet Union and he thought he could begin to talk about it.

Soviet Cosmonaut Major General Popovich saw a white triangle UFO while flying home from Washington DC with a delegation of scientists flying approximately 1,500 kph. Other occupants of the plane saw the craft.

The rest of them probably stayed quite because they were loyal, were afraid of ridicule, etc. Two cosmonauts coming forward means there were probably dozens who saw something, and that’s just the cosmonauts.



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