The Prison Factory (2017) – Documentary

Alabama is trying to silence inmates who say they are being subjected to slave labor, but they keep finding ways to get their voice out. Get an inside look into life in solitary in The Prison Factory.


Alabama is trying to silence inmates who say they are being subjected to slave labor, but they keep finding ways to get their voice out. Get an inside look into life in solitary in The Prison Factory.

The US state of Alabama has the fifth highest incarceration rate in the world. Its prison system has become so dangerously overcrowded that in 2016, for the first time, the US Justice Department launched a federal civil rights investigation into the entire state’s prison conditions.

Meanwhile, prisoners have been taking matters into their own hands. In September 2016, inmates at Holman Prison went on strike to protest what they call cruel and unusual forms of punishment – including labour, for little to no pay. Inmates used smuggled cell phones to spread the word about the strike, which took hold in about two dozen states.

How did a group of prisoners calling themselves the Free Alabama Movement organise the single-largest prison strike in US history? Fault Lines’ Josh Rushing traveled to Alabama to find out more about them – discovering two of the group’s leaders are now in solitary confinement. Despite their isolation, through letters and videos they are still finding ways to get their message to the world.

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The 3/5ths Compromise”*, evolving of itself to the 13th Amendment, forced onward of a Civil War in which Industrial capitalists demonstrated they could outmatch Agricultural capitalists, being but further compromise, by way of, not “abolishing slavery” as it is often  declared, but clarifying slavery as “only appropriate for those persons who would stand outside the common law” (so Judeo of its Mosaic conception one would be inclined to revolt were there a Pharoah), must needs be further evolved, of an amendment to the 13th.

To place people in prison, pay them little or nothing for their labour, such that, if released, they shall be either willing to work for minimal wages (becoming, in effect, Minimum Wage Slaves) or hateful of a society the corruption of which seeks more to dominate by a divide and rule conception <*[“You two shall serve me.”; “You two shall serve me.”; “You, who stand between two, shall serve us.”: thus 1 above 2 combing of 1 above 2 becoming 2 above 3, 3 who are compromised of a favoured, yet nonetheless still underprivileged, middle ground, that 1 companion among 3 in bondage who sees it is in hir best interest if “You two shall serve me (by not combining in revolt).”), thus 3 out of 5 as slaves]> than to become inclusive of a Democracy; to put people in a situation where they are not only made to see the reality they would have created for themselves (by living outside the law, in a prison), a reality of lawlessness and isolation away from fear, but to educate them toward being either slaves to a minimal wage or detesting the corruption of a society that pretends to a slaveless Democracy while trying to generate that very fault in itself through a ‘correctional sub-system’ one can only consider flawed, is rank stupidity in the present day.

Such may have seemed like an acceptable compromise in 1864, but today it merely serves to ruin the progress of the system it were conceived to encourage the development of, to enslave Democracy to capitalised oligarchies. ~[[ Indeed, of a British body doubling {ie. 1 above 2, (“You two/too shall support me.”)} versus a German body doubling {ie. 2 above 1, (“We too/two shall support you.”)} , we know the better way, the superior heuristic, is the German, not only for Democratic outcomes, but also for Imperial and corporate Oligarchical ones. The British bias of the American Constitution reveals itself of an ignorance in this regard, one which were discerned most clearly of the Napoleonic Wars, such that one might forgive the men of the 1860’s for not yet having become to understand the weakness they were building into said Constitution, even in their amendment thereof.]]

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