Podcast: March 18th, 2020 – Part 2 of Coronavirus the Virus of the Crown


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Main Topics – Part 2 of Coronavirus the Virus of the Crown

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Upcoming Events:

The Super-Human Experience, Session 5 – Chicago IL – April 11th

The Journey of the Super-Humans, Session 6 – Sacramento, CA – June 5th & 6th

August 8th, 2020 – Learn to Heal Thyself (Class 101) – Chicago, IL

Relax and Relieve Internal Stress:

Decompress – 9oz

Immune System Offerings for the Collective:

Shilajit Tablets – 200mg – 60 Tablets

May Raise Immunity, Metabolism, Fertility, Stamina & Endurance of Body and Brain

Be Well – A Seasonal Vibration Enhancing Formula – 9oz

May help to limit the seasonal ills, while fortifying internal defenses

Colloidal Silver – 2oz

Colloidal Silver – 4oz

May help as a topical wound dressing, anti-bacterial agent, and booster of immunity

Colloidal Gold Liquid – 2oz

Colloidal Gold Liquid – 4oz 

May Boost Vibration & Frequency, Immunity Support

Toxin Therapy – 60 v-caps

May help Remove Toxins and Heavy Metals within Body

Other supplements you should take:

Vitamin C (Ideally from fresh fruit/veggie sources but worst case a plant based supplement)

Vitamin D3 

Zinc (Ideally from fresh fruit/veggie sources)

Licorice root

Sunlight (Yes actual SUNLIGHT, get out, absorb it!)

Relax (New relaxing/stress product coming in a few days)



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