Podcast: March 17th, 2020 – Updates + Coronavirus


Be aware that tonight’s podcast was like no other in the amount of audio issues we were having.  Everything was setup fine but the service we utilize kept dropping calls, reduced the amount of show time (from approximately 3 hours max, to 2 hours) and with subpar audio quality.

This doesn’t happen so there is something within this phonic record that someone needs to hear which will change or align their destiny forever.   Is this you?

Nevertheless this podcast is a bit off the cuff versus how it has been the last few months.  I prefer it structured and straight to it, while many like the off the cuff + the random rants, lol.


Broadcast Schedule:


Website Sales: HERE

Main Topics – Coronavirus (The Beer or Virus of the Crown)

Part 2  – HERE

Upcoming Events:

The Super-Human Experience, Session 5 – Chicago IL – April 11th

The Journey of the Super-Humans, Session 6 – Sacramento, CA – June 5th & 6th

August 8th, 2020 – Learn to Heal Thyself (Class 101) – Chicago, IL


Immune System Offerings for the Collective:

Be Well – A Seasonal Vibration Enhancing Formula – 9oz

May help to limit the seasonal ills, while fortifying internal defenses

Colloidal Silver – 2oz

Colloidal Silver – 4oz

May help as a topical wound dressing, anti-bacterial agent, and booster of immunity

Colloidal Gold Liquid – 2oz

Colloidal Gold Liquid – 4oz 

May Boost Vibration & Frequency, Immunity Support

Toxin Therapy – 60 v-caps

May help Remove Toxins and Heavy Metals within Body

Other supplements you should take:

Vitamin C (Ideally from fresh fruit/veggie sources but worst case a plant based supplement)

Vitamin D3 

Zinc (Ideally from fresh fruit/veggie sources)

Licorice root

Sunlight (Yes actual SUNLIGHT, get out, absorb it!)

Relax (New relaxing/stress product coming in a few days)





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