On-goings of a insane world


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California’s lockdown just got extended indefinitely.


Nashville bomber Anthony Warner hunted aliens, believed in ‘lizard people’: report



The face you make when the squad spends a year hyping fear and people ain’t hearing it.


If you thought the “due to covid” phrase was bad! Apparently, “Bad Luck” is now acceptable for causes of death as well…


In 2021 there will be a much worse pandemic than we’ve seen in 2020. W.H.O: “Bigger Pandemic Than COVID Is Coming”. It’s easy to predict the future when you design it the way you want it to be.

the fact that bill gates got away with saying “pandemic II” on live news and no one batted an eye is just further proof of how fucking brainwashed the world truly is. this shit has been planned for a long time it seems.


Here Are All the Reps Who Voted Against a $2,000 Stimulus Check
Here are all the reps who voted against the bill to increase ‘survival checks’ from $600 to $2,000



This is the person calling you crazy for not wearing a mask, for not listening to your rulers and for being conspiracy theorist.




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