Mr Nansi’s talk with other Gods.


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This is an powerful & impactful scene in the show American Gods.  Where 3 gods are having a conversation concerning their worshippers.

The most amazing aspect of this show is the showing what the ‘power of belief’ can manifest.  True manifestation that is and not the low level witchery that plagues the landscape.

There’s many secrets all around us that are literally just waiting for those who can see the obvious (the simplicity) to walk thru its doors.

For those who have ‘The Mind Configurator‘ it is a tool so powerful that only its simplicity was shown.  Why?  The simplicity in itself ‘encrypts’ the works so that those who are not walking the path earnestly, or looking for a quick way to manipulate others, will not see the power buried within.  In Super Human Session 7 next year (2021), WE ARE GOING IN.

Work on your configurator’s and we’ll talk soon.



From American Gods, Mr Anasi expresses his displeasure with the state of his followers descendants.



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