Moses was actually Akhenaten? What?!?


It is not inconceivable to most people to understand that every Civilization on Earth at this time actually devolved from the Ancient Sumerians, this was the place in which people branched out from to go and repopulate the globe, the Ancient Egypt we see today was only re-inhabited after the great flood and was only possible because the Sumerians, under instruction from Enoch, built a Doomsday scenario vault to secure the DNA of most life on the Earth at this time, History suggests the Anunnaki knew the flood was coming and did very little to save the population, they were our creators but it seems that the rogue God Enoch was the one who helped Humanity save life, and it also would seem that the Anunnaki were not angered by this but they were in fact impressed that this was achieved, after the survival they helped us instead of hindering us in our quest for survival, but as History has unfolded this has increasingly been watered down from one Civilization to the next until the point that we actually struggle to believe the truth.



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