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Analyzing Evil: Alonzo Harris, From Training Day

Share URL: https://metaspeaks.likes.fans/7h5dk82w Welcome everyone to the twenty fifth episode of Analyzing Evil! Our feature villain for this video is Alonzo Harris from Training Day.

Mel’s Hole

Share URL: https://metaspeaks.likes.fans/4wpvb3se The story of Mel's Hole - a mysterious pit, possibly as deep as 80,000 feet, located somewhere in the middle of Washington...

ANUNNAKI. Who are they? Trailer | Kaleidoscope of Facts 10

Share URL: https://metaspeaks.likes.fans/24msuh79 Extraterrestrial civilizations. The Anunnaki. Are they present on our planet? Who are they: helpers or enslavers? What is their mission on Earth?...

Woman says dancing doctor left her disfigured while making music video during surgery

Share URL: https://metaspeaks.likes.fans/d9ev6mbj A woman, who was unconscious on the table as her surgeon sang and danced over her, said she never gave the doctor...

MUST SEE – New ATMs in Virginia with (vaccine) ID scan and (microchip) palm...

Share URL: https://metaspeaks.likes.fans/4adnsn57

Did She Just Put Liquid Foreskin In My Hand?!

Share URL: https://metaspeaks.likes.fans/psysdzft Michelle Park shares with Steve one of Oprah's favorite beauty products and he was shocked to discover what it is!

Water Baby Legend in Pyramid Lake

Share URL: https://metaspeaks.likes.fans/32ap2ndz

This Is How BLM Founder Patrisse Khan-Cullors EXP0SED HERSELF W/ Rich Lifestyle

Share URL: https://metaspeaks.likes.fans/jjyj7a64 News Alert (FOXNEWS): Black Lives Matter organization deletes page calling for 'disruption' of nuclear family News Alert (NEW YORK POST): BLM site removes...

Bought rocky lot, created megalith home amid boulders

Share URL: https://metaspeaks.likes.fans/e8tyksw Steve Demarest took advantage of the huge boulders covering his land in the Cascade Mountains to build a home that is part...

The Glass Harmonica (Стеклянная гармоника, 1968) by Andrei Khrzhanovsky

Share URL: https://metaspeaks.likes.fans/3jn8xnjf The first animated film to be officially banned in Russia.
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