James Corbett | Rockefeller History

Did you know that in the 1900's, hundreds of U.S cities had Electric street cars? This made oil companies very sad so now virtually no U.S cities have them!


Not just electric, but Ethynol engines, as well. You can see why they would stomp that out. People can distill fuel in their own damn backyards. Enter prohibition

Rockefeller also had a huge influence in medicine, transitioning from natural remedies to pharmaceutical remedies derived from petroleum products.

Drives me nuts when people scoff at herbalism and natural medicine.

The story of the Rockefeller family is more than a cautionary tale, it’s an example of an oligarch’s potential to dominate. On this episode of The Higherside Chats, James Corbett joins us to discuss the far reaching control of the Rockefeller dynasty. We start with the calculated steps to bring a nation to dependence on oil. Though left out of public education lessons, the results of these events reach far into today’s society. Once successful with this first conquest, what would Rockefeller seek to influence next? Listen in as we explore conspiracies in areas such as education, medicine, food, and more.

James Corbett is the creator of The Corbett Report, a site on a mission to provide open source intelligence. Since 2007 James has shared information about topics such as geopolitics, central banking fraud, Big Brother police state, and more. He uses a variety of platforms to share including podcast, newsletter, documentaries, YouTube videos, and a membership community.

James’ teachings are more than an expose of a historical figure; they are a warning for us all to gain a better understanding of control. Through extensive research and a true passion for knowledge he is able to convey the importance of a well informed public.


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