Is There a Connection Between Coronavirus and 5G?


What are they not telling us about this virus? One researcher says the fact that Wuhan is a birthplace for 5G is NOT a coincidence! This information will leave you scratching your head!


  1. Time has now told us that in fact there is a virus but my theory is this. This virus was in fact a biological weapon but possibly designed to harm it’s own people as well. Eliminate the elderly with a universal illness. The bubble up effect of the testing in Wuhan was that 5G either accelerated the virus making it more deadly or in fact the virus was designed to work in conjunction with 5G – As 5G twists the DNA in the human certain cells are produced that are like a magnet for the corona virus – the catalyst so to speak. And what two soon-to-be mandates have come from this? 1) The very possibility of mandated vaccines and 2) The monumental push for the mandate of 5G based on the fact that Communication companies and the government have said with so many more people going to be working remotely, the bandwidth in existing architecture needs to be improved, and with what? 5G


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