Inner Earth Civilizations Exist & I Can Prove It


So for those who don’t know, there is the Antarctic Treaty which supposedly prevents a normal civilian or a country from easily going to Antarctica and exploring anywhere they want. You would still need some type of gov’t consent and a permit and even then its still complicated. Now let me clarify too: There are groups that do go for expeditions in Antarctica but only in particular previously agreed upon locations. If you were allowed though, you would not be able to explore the entire area from information I have read. I was also made aware that I guess you cannot go past the 60 degree South Latitude Line as well?

And the North Pole is supposedly a much more treacherous endeavor as its moving ice so to explore a lot of it you would need an ice breaker ship and probably a plane and helicopter too, but is also prohibited in specific areas. So this begs the question, why can’t we explore more though? And I don’t just mean physical explore which I’ll expand upon below. So, I spend a lot of time each day in this sub and I’m surprised more people don’t push and question this secrecy. Now I’m not saying I believe in any specific conspiracy but its fun to explore them all and hear your thoughts and theories. So with that, here are a few fun facts and theories as well:

Google Earth seems to have clear blocking of North and South Pole in certain areas. You can see where some spots are simply “pieced together” or blurred out or are simply anomalies. Have a look yourself and check out YouTube as there’s many videos on these anomalies and blurred areas etc.

The last major expeditions that were publicly discussed were a long time ago which seems odd too. The Nazi’s spent a lot of time there too so something was fascinating enough for them.

Jim Carey starred in a movie” The Truman Show” that somewhat describes a person living in a simulated world where he tries to get out. I won’t spoil it for those who haven’t seen it but the video below uses a few clips and the movie somewhat delves into an idea of how the earth really is shaped etc.

In the past, some historians believed the earth was flat or hollow. Many maps also depict the poles as having no ice or as tropical areas in our more recent times. Some claimed to have seen these tropical regions with their own eyes hundreds of years ago.

There are many stories from past expeditions of the North and South Pole where different people have described being able to “enter” the poles through holes(think of the hollow earth theory). Funny enough, one of the reasons for the flat earth, hollow earth theory having fuel to keep some people believing is this secrecy behind the poles.

Even from space and satellites, we are limited to what we can and are allowed to view when it comes to the poles. Seems odd if it’s just a bunch of ice?


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