How facial recognition advertising is becoming your new social contract


Facial recognition advertising as depicted in Minority Report is coming to your local stores sooner than you thought. The technology is becoming so mainstream it will become a part of the new social contract.

Several US retailers, including Walgreens and Kroger, are piloting facial recognition advertising in physical stores. The goal is to use all available information from the cameras to target customers with relevant ads in a similar way online advertising targets Internet users.

Apps on your phone can use your high definition selfie camera to track your emotional expressions of your face as you listen to music, and suggest you playlists that correspond to your mood. A social media platform can track your face as you are typing that comment or text with your friends, and suggest you mood-specific ads.

All major technology companies are heavily investing into the development of facial recognition, including Google, Apple, Amazon, Samsung or Microsoft. With their massive reach on the market, it will soon become extremely difficult for you to avoid being identified every step of your way if you want to be a functioning individual.


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