Hilton Hotema – The Harms Of Stimulation (Audio)


Hilton Hotema authored numerous books on dietetics, fasting, fruitarianism, breatharianism, vitality, cellular regeneration, longevity, higher consciousness, spirituality, alternative medicine and ancient wisdom, published by Health Research Books, Washington. He collaborated with Herbert Shelton, and Hereward Carrington.His contemporaries included Walter Siegmeister, Theos Bernard, Alexis Carrel and Johnny Lovewisdom, who wrote about related subjects.

In Man’s Higher Consciousness, Hotema wrote that man was designed to live 80,000 to 100,000 years, before his teeth and alimentary canal were subject to degeneration. It was published in 1952 as Man’s Miraculous Unused Power using the pen name Kenyon Klamonti. According to the Natural Hygiene Society, Hotema believed he would live until 150. Hotema is documented in the book The Struggle Between Religion & Science by Marshall J. Gauvin.

In addition to writing his own books, Hotema provided many introductions to the systematic reprintings of rare, out-of-print, esoteric books published by Health Research of Mokelumne Hill, California during the 1950s and 1960


Ancient Secret Of Personal Power (Tetragrammaton) (1960)

Ancient Sun God (1956)

Awaken The World Within (1963)

Breath Of Life And The Flame Divine (1957)

Cosmic Creation (Second Edition) (1958)

Cosmic Creation Part One (1956)

Cosmic Science Of The Ancient Masters

Cosmic Science of the Ancient Masters (2nd edition)

Creation: Cosmic Radiation In Florida

Divine Life (1963)

Empyreal Sea – Live 1400 Years (1964)

Facts of Nutrition: Vegetarianism & Longevity (1957)

Fasting Story #1:

Fasting Story #2: Wilborn, Carrington, Tanner, Hotema & Hanish

Genesis Of Christianity (1967)


Glorious Resurrection

Golden Dawn

Great Law (1963)

Great Red Dragon

Health Thru Scientific Nutrition

Hidden Creator (1961)

How High Do You Climb?

How I Lived To Be Ninety (1966)

Kingdom Of Heaven

Land Of Light – The Tarot (1959)

Law of Life And Human Health

Live 1400 Years: Empyreal Living Sea (How High Do You Climb)

Live Better: Ancient Unknown Knowledge (1963)

Live Longer (1959)

Living Fire & God’s Law Of Life: Sacred Wisdom of the Ancients

Long Life In Florida (1962)

Lost Wisdom of the Ancient Masters

Lost Word Of Freemasonry (1967)

Magic Beam

Magic Temple (1968)

Magic Wand (1956)

Magic World (Magicalism) (1967)

Man’s Higher Consciousness

Man’s Miraculous Unused Powers (4 volumes)

Mysterious Sphinx

Mystery Man Of The Bible

Mystery Of Man

New Super Sprays Endangering Your Health

Orthopathy (Elementary Orthopathy): New Science Of Health & Natural Healing

Perfect Creation

Pre-Existence Of Man #1

Pre-Existence Of Man #2


Science Of Organic Dietetics

Secrets Of Regeneration

Son Of Perfection #1

Son Of Perfection #2

Soul’s Secret (1958)

Virgin Birth

We Do Not Die

Why Do We Age (1959)


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