The harmful impact of chemicals on the American worker, and chemical company efforts to keep it secret.


Trade Secrets from on Vimeo.

And people wonder why the rates of cancer, autoimmune disease, autism and other chronic conditions have risen dramatically in the past 50 years. There is no such thing as a genetic disease epidemic. Genes play a role in disease, as does lifestyle. But much of the risk comes from things we cannot currently avoid.

Some of the biggest offenders:

*heavy metals (lead paint, silver dental fillings, vaccines)

*pesticides/herbicides (malathion, atrazine, Round-Up, paraquat)

*xenoestrogens (PVC, styrofoam, oral birth control, plastics)

*radiation (cell phones, tobacco smoke, x-ray machines, sunlight)

We shouldn’t blame ourselves for disease, especially when we do all the “right” things and get sick anyway. Many industries stand to profit off our illness or simply have no interest in our wellness, including some charities. It’s not a calculated conspiracy but a far-reaching attitude of profits over people that characterizes our capitalist (read: corporate fascist) society.


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