Global Announcement from the Pleiadian, Thor, Melchizedek, Frontier Galactic Sirius Command Center, Star Base, Jedi force beings….


Peep this young and old Jedi’s, so that you can see the actions of the Sith loud and clear.  I normally don’t go so direct NOR show how easily certain chess piece movements can be seen.  But here is a over view of the game play.

Take heed…

  1. Multiple plays and multiple scenarios will be enacted to keep the populace in a state of unease.  <– this is mandatory
  2. More push for child-like antics on behalf of BLM and other groups to push the power to the other side… or perceived other side (blacks/minorities)
  3. Number 2 is a false dialect though… Not real at all…. BUT this will cause the other side to get more and more annoyed/irritated/feel threatened to potentially enact more race related issues and potential a small civil disturbance that is based on race only
  4. While number 3 is taking place, the police will be ever more restricted and their flow of money taken away
  5. This will increase #2 which will push more of #3, which leads to the enactment of a U.N. Based force to enter many of the member states, and
  6. Because of 1-5 so much surveillance will be installed, created, from crowd based heart rate monitors, gape analysis, computer/internet connection monitoring that the need for police will drop even more so.
  7. Because of #6, your current state will be known at all times and as such if the system picks up on any ‘variance’ taking place an agent will be dispatched for questioning.
  8. #6 will be enacted in full (by current projections) between 2025-2028
  9. Again BLM is 100% controlled.  Some may be emotionally unable to handle this, but hey.  Que the barrage of cursing and belittlement thrown my way because I do not and WILL NOT subside to cognitive dissonance.
  10. Also, coronavirus  is 100% controlled false narrative as well. Que also the antics from #9.
  11. So many new words have been created and injected into the global lexicon because of #10 to stick into the psyche of the mkultra influenced populace (the majority of people) especially those from the catacombs.
  12. These antics by the above (1-11) have been created by the same entities/people that gave you religion and the modern day school system.
  13. They are not all knowing nor infallible.
  14. With all these virus based agenda’s at play there are inoculations (cures) to these antics, best to believe that.
  15. Schools will not be back to normal until some form of tracking device is also enabled for EVERY student.
  16. In the future when someone disappears/goes missing it would be assumed he/she must have had the ‘virus’.
  17. The covid tracking devices will eventually be linked to some form of block chain,  If you’re not on the block chain then you don’t exist,
  18. Balance is key.
  19. Balance is the key.
  20. Key is the Balance.


Now let’s meditate.


P.S., the title of this post is a joke…

Agenda 2021 PDF

Agenda 2030 PDF

Agenda 2050 PDF


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