Giants were real, here Is the Proof that They Forgot To Hide


These astounding photos are proof that a ancient race of giants once existed on Earth. This research and accounts related to Giant phenomena and theories will challenge our current knowledge of ancient civilizations. In the search for evidence that giants existed, some have looked to the large mounds of the American Midwest, some to the massive and mysterious structures from around the world. The controversial discoveries of skeletons measuring 7 feet to more than 9 feet tall, along with other artifacts, have suggested to some that truth inspired these legends.

Researchers who explore these possibilities, and often face ridicule from more conventional scientists, say that in the remote past giants with a median height of 7 feet or taller occupied the Earth alongside humans of roughly our size. Moreover, these giants may have had their own culture, civilization, and perhaps even several nations or races of giants may have existed at different times and in different places.


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