Gandahar – A Must See Animation – Paradoxes concerning Time

An evil force from a 1000 years in the future begins to destroy an idyllic paradise, where the citizens are in perfect harmony with nature.


“What once was will be”

“We have lived in peace so long, we’ve neglected the possibility of evil and we may have forgotten how to fight it.”

“My quest began with a riddle. ‘In a thousand years, Gandahar was destroyed, and and all its people massacred. A thousand years ago, Gandahar will be saved, and what can’t be avoided will be.”

“Who were you?”

Aggressor: Forgive me for I have assumed…. (cut off)

Mutant: That we are the enemy whom you seek? I forgive you and I understand.

“In a thousand years Gandahar was destroyed, A thousand years ago Gandahar will be saved.”


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