February 28th, 2017 – Known and not so known history…


Broadcast Schedule:

  1. Announcements
  2. News & Commentary  
  3. Website Sales: Meta-Center Chicago
  4. Main Topics: The Earth Grid / Shield, Ancient China, Inside VS Outside, plus much more
  5. Q&C&A (Questions, Comments and Answers) 


*** Please note: A phenomenal event happened during this podcast toward the end, which proved everything that was talked about in the beginning.  If we were to give this podcast a over-all theme, it would be probability and synchronicity.

We had a caller during the course of the show that talked about a book that deals with synchronicity.  Let’s call her Caller 1.  During the raffle a long time listener won who said he didn’t need what was offered because he has some already.  He also stated it was a statement from the universe/spirit and that I should pass it on.  Let’s call him Caller 2.

So we did another raffle and the person who won the second time had the same number but in a different order than caller 2.  Also, this person won the week prior. So we passed it on again.

Now the third raffle caller 1 won who initial brought up the book about synchronicity. This was confirmation to all that listened in, as well to you, that indeed the matrix is real.

Tune in for this lesson.




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