Fake and Toxic Foods in China | Do You Dare Eat Such Foods? | Illegally Recycled Waste Cooking Oil


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The food safety problem in China has been repeatedly criticized, and Made in China has become a synonym for black-hearted products, which has also caused a global trend of boycotting products from China. Although the Chinese authorities have taken measures to rectify the situation, there are still many counterfeit and substandard food products. By analysis, we think reasons are as follows:

First of all, under the high-pressure rule of the CCP and its strong suppression of righteous beliefs, people no longer pursue spiritual upliftment. The result is a rapid decline in morality, and they will do anything bad for money.
The second is the low cost of breaking the law, which makes some people break the law for profit.

The third is that China’s supervision is not strict. Although there are many government departments that have the power to manage the food industry, the characteristic of the management is that “everyone has the power, but no one is responsible.” Everyone will scramble to take care of things that can gain benefits, and no one wants to handle things that are not profitable.

The fourth is that China’s food processing plants are usually small in size, and there are a large number scattered in different places; especially in rural areas, there are more family workshops, which also brings certain difficulties to the supervision. Moreover, most counterfeiters are less educated, and their legal awareness is weak, which increases the probability of violating the law.

Of course, in the final analysis, it is caused by the deterioration of people’s morality. As long as people abandon the principles of righteous belief and moral values, and no longer have the constraints of moral standards, all kinds of counterfeit foods will continue to emerge.


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