** EXCLUSIVE ** In Milwaukee, 2 underage Black girls were reported missing, but the police did nothing about it. The Neighborhood Sprung into Action.


Be warned, the content below may trigger some.  Why?  Because in knowing that the entities all around us are helping to traffic/kidnap and/or just hide the fact it is happening within the highest echelons of society is too much for some.  This is the way the world is, and has been for quite some time… since those who came up from the ‘catacombs’.

No matter what ethnicity you may be it seems that society may be getting to a point where protection has to come from the community itself verses looking for someone outside of the community to ‘SAVE’ you.

Many elders/masters/teachers have been saying this for decades from various communities all around this planet.

The veil is thinning, but what lies on the other side only the bravest and spiritually in-tune will be able to withstand.

The alleged trafficker had girls AND boys in bondage.


The Black community in Milwaukee got together, found and rescued the girls and the trafficker’s house burned down.

Some Tweets for context:








Cops were sneaking people out of the house before it burned down: https://twitter.com/ktteaa/status/1275668304900829184

4 girls in total were found, as well as two 9 and 14 year old boys.

While the community was searching for these kids, the police officers harassed them with tear gas and rubber bullets. It’s suspected that the cops were in on the trafficking and possibly burnt the house down themselves.

Many in the area are saying the police were trying to cover up something they didn’t want found. Kinda convenient that the house burned down once they found it.


The police DID search the place, came out and said there was nothing going on.

Shortly thereafter someone unsatisfied with the police’s search tried forcing entry into the house and someone from inside the house began firing a gun. Police then showed up a second time with dozens of men and an APC. Escorted half a dozen children and an adult(s?) out of the house under tarps. Then someone lit the house on fire. Fire Department showed up and began putting it out before suddenly stopping and allowing it to burn on account of being “out of water”.

Last I checked however part of the house was still standing so they must’ve resumed at some point.

Just the few pieces of evidence the crowd recovered in the moments between the evacuation and fire were extremely incriminating and its strange that the police missed them upon inspection.

Source: initial suspicion until people are escorted out of house

mob going through house to FD arrival








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