Ex Chicago Gang Member Says Government is Dropping Guns In Urban Areas (You decide…)


Ex- gang member from Chicago says they are the victims. He says the government is dropping crates full of guns in the black community so that they can lock up certain individuals… He claims they have extended Clips, automatic weapons and guns that you cannot buy in a gun store.

He continuously asks, “where are the guns coming from”? He also says they drop off bullets along with the guns. He says the police continue to take guns off the streets yet the streets are still full of guns.

He says almost everybody in the hood have a gun and that there is a plot and plan that is strategically against the black community. He says they don’t have gun license so how are they getting the guns.

He claims he saw with his own eyes where they were putting crates full of guns out there so they can catch them with the guns and lock them up. This is a business.

Again he states, ” there are no gun manufacturers in the inner cities, so where are the guns coming from”?


I remember when this first came out and everyone was all “horse shit”.

And then I just recently watched the History Channels “War on Drugs” and they even said it happened. CIA agents driving cars and vans and leaving them in impoverished neighborhoods to be scavenged by gangs and criminals. In the hopes of making a already bad neighborhood militant so they themselves could create a more militant police force. With the goal of creating more prisons for profit and controlling a population. Basically class warfare for profit..

It’s all part of a much larger master plan but ultimately it comes down to the second face of the War on Drugs. The first being the trafficking of drugs by the CIA to create cash flow for toppling governments and black project research and development.

Here we insert Gary Web and the CIA running drugs directly into American community’s.

Edit: I recommenced anyone who’s not familiar with all this to watch the series. It quite the limited hang (Called Gary Webs double head shot a suicide) but but there’s some solid information in there.

This is happening in Oakland California,San Francisco,Los Angles,New York,Philadelphia,Maryland etc.A San Francisco politician Leeland Yee who was responsible for MANY severe gun laws passed in California got caught running guns to the Asian Triads and gangs of the central valley.He received a very light sentence of 5 years.Its a win win for politicians,they get to sell guns and make a crap ton of money.




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