Evidence of Gang-Stalking and being a Targeted Individual! What do you think?


A San Diego mother said she was being targeted for weeks, with people she doesn’t know coming in her house when she’s not there.

Facika Tafara thinks she may be the victim of a bizarre practice called gang stalking or community stalking. “It’s like an alternate reality, really,” Tafara said. “It’s spooky, and it’s my understanding that if this is actually what it is, it can go on for years.”

Community or gang stalking is an eerie practice that takes aim at your psyche to make you almost feel like you’re going crazy. In Tafara’s case, she said she would notice strange things out of place in her house when she would get home from work, such as her windows being opened, dresser drawers opened, and she said she even found a camera inside the bedroom of her 11-year-old son.

“It’s so creepy, I had a bolt put on the door and I’m having my son sleep in here with me,” she said. Tafara said she contacted police, and detectives visited her University Heights home, but there isn’t a lot that they can do. “And they kind of said, well, it’s kind of like, if it happens again call us, but there’s not much we can do because we don’t know who it is, you don’t have a face,” Tafara said.

She told 10News that she plans to beef up security at her home and has even looked into hiring a private investigator.

Community or gang stalking is not the best way to describe these crimes. They are organized and professional. There are corporations and government officials and agencies who are behind it and participate in it. “Organized Stalking” and “Government Sponsored Stalking” are better ways to describe some of the relentless and heinous crimes that are facilitated against the public today. These crimes are growing and becoming more common! Law enforcement says that there is very little that they can do but I say that is not true. In some cases, people who are targeted have witnessed law enforcement as a witting participant in the tactics.

Victims of these crimes cannot get help from law enforcement, the FBI or any other agency, however, they have turned to on-line support groups that include dynamic people who are making efforts to help “targeted individuals” and to spread awareness. Those people include Dr. John Hall, Dr. Robert Duncan, Dr. Terry Robertson and Dr. Erik Karlstrom. Also, there is a group called “People Against Covert Torture and Harassment” that can be found on-line.

It is essential to spread awareness! Educate the public! And certainly understand that there are aspects of government that are aiding and abetting these crimes. Some believe that it is the government who is funding the campaign of crimes. To keep it quiet, efforts are made to paint the victims of these crimes as delusional and / or mentally ill.

I am a targeted individual just like this lady is. I have experienced intrusions into my apartments no matter where I have lived or moved to, tainting of food and refreshments, sabotaged electronics, harassment and theft at work, vandalized car and most horrifically, I was brutally forced under anesthesia at Coastline Surgery Center in Santa Ana, CA by Dr. Thomas J. Phillips – workers comp ortho surgeon and I was maimed from my skull down to my tailbone and throughout other areas of my body. I was intentionally harmed to a point wherein I am now permanently disabled and in chronic pain. I have turned to law enforcement, the FBI, Senators, Legislators, Governor Jerry Brown, media and the National Center for Victims of Crimes.

Interesting to note, the first time that I contacted the National Center for Victims of Crimes (in late 2014 or early 2015), I described what I was going through and the contact there informed me that I was the victim of “group stalking”. She also said that there was no one who they could refer me to as these crimes are very difficult to prove. The 2nd time I contacted the Nat. Center for Victims of Crimes (in 2016), I spoke to a different person who took a different tone with me. In so many words, she said that they consider the people who call about being victims of these crimes mentally ill. I actually took some time to educate her and then asked to speak to the person who runs the organization. I was shocked at the different approach taken to address these crimes. So, I took it upon myself to look up who was donating money to their organization and found that the federal government was a large contributor! That would make sense since some of those who are investigating these crimes and the various ways that they are facilitated believe that organized stalking is “government human experimentation”. It certainly wouldn’t be the first time that our government has conducted heinous experiments on citizens of this nation. But, we must also recognize that these crimes are being facilitated against people not only throughout the United State but also in other countries including Europe, Japan, China and many others. There are more victims located in the State of California than any other state. Could it be that the a global government is already intact? Some say yes.

Another thing to mention is that the tactics utilized against “targeted individuals” are often times changed and become worse over time. They likely already include wire tapping of cell and home phones, e-mail hacking, social media hacking, harassment at work, public mobbing, overt aggressive stalking in public no less! They will eventually include interference in healthcare and as in my case sabotage of your health and well being. They may eventually include harassment and torture through “advanced technology”, directed energy weapons, no touch torture weapons, electronic particle beaming of mal-odorants > thought to be done via satellite, GWEN towers and drones. Maybe that is why President Obama doesn’t want any drones in the air where he is.

It is apparent that government employees and agencies are also, however little or a lot, participating in these crimes, from local county & city to state and federal. In my case, I have seen employees of the State of CA participate in tactics facilitated against me including at the DIR & WCAB.

Those who are victims of these crimes are often times painted as delusional or mentally ill. These crimes are meant to destroy the victim financially, personally, professionally and emotionally. They are meant to cause the victim to commit a crime out of frustration or to commit suicide out of desperation. They are a daily occurrence for most targeted individuals. The most important thing to note is that our government is also participating in these crimes. These crimes have been going on for decades however, it was after 2001 that they picked up and grown into what it is today – an international assault on people. Organized stalking is a well thought out and well oiled machine. Shockingly, even medical providers participate in these crimes – via maiming the persons body, falsified medical reports, falsified medical studies and more.

Unfortunately, this is only the beginning for this lady and her son. This could happen to anyone. Organized stalking is a concerted effort between corporations, medical providers, law enforcement and government. If you think that you are being followed or that your home or apartment has been intruded upon, listen to your gut instinct as you are probably right and speak out immediately, join a group so that other targeted individuals can stay in touch with you and you can be counted.



  1. I am a victim of group stalking. I reported fraud that cost several colonels and civilians their job at ft Gordon. I also participated in the investigation into willful violations of the clean air act. They have tried to ruin my life. They are masons here, and they own everything including the politicians and police.


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