Everyone for themselves!


Despite the prattling of what is displayed on Main Stream Media about this graphic reflecting “human nature” I propose that the opposite is true: human nature is to be openly helpful to our fellow man.

The divides are artificial and are intentionally created, first and foremost as media propaganda at the behest of the elite. Because they WANT us divided and at each other’s throats.

Because divided = control. And control = the corrupt systems that benefit the few and punish the many which will stay in place.


BUT……  And a big BUT………..

This doesn’t include the catacomb people who were created from scratch to be divided and need to return back to source if every to become whole.


That we have to acknowledge that these divisions could never have happened without the allowance of the people. We gave ourselves over to this gradually and incrementally so that it was almost imperceptible from one generation to the next.

You can not divide someone OR a people who’re not divided within.




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