Episode 857: The Postal Illuminati


When you order stuff online, it may cost less to have it shipped across the world than across the street.

Take the Mighty Mug. It’s a travel mug that’s almost impossible to knock over, invented by a guy in New Jersey named Jayme Smaldone. A few months ago, Jayme realized he could order a knockoff Mighty Mug from China and get it shipped for less than it would cost him to ship his mug to a neighbor.

The reason for this price gap, Jayme claims, is a secretive group of postal policymakers that meets every four years to fix international shipping rates. A kind of postal illuminati.

Today’s episode: A conspiracy theory that’s actually real. How the decisions made behind closed doors make it cheap to buy things from across the world, but are also distorting the global economy.


  1. excellent your absolutely right they are the real illuminati they control all treaties trusts and contracts globally if the mathematical cerification of the language is to be used for the charters of the world court it will be through the UPU my birth certificate is registered there and they handle the registered mail. good shit only place I ever heard about this your correct.


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