Do u hear relentless fireworks in your city too?


I heard a conspiracy theory that it was the police lighting them off, so that all the 911 calls would prove that there was a need for police in the communities.

That’s actually not so much a “conspiracy theory” as it is “something the CIA has been doing to anti-war activists for decades” (Rockefeller Report and Church Report Pages 255-288 of the Church Report go into detail).

It’s not about tricking people into wanting police presence, it’s about messing with people’s sleep so they don’t want to get up & protest the next day.

Hoover’s FBI. It’s a long read and they claim they stopped doing it in 1971 once they got found out… as in they completely stopped doing it right up until they got caught doing it again with Iraq War protests.

So many people saying “this is just like every other summer.” But it’s not, it’s happening all over the country. The article in this thread, along with the ones below published in the last 48 hours highlight how extraordinary this is, and some competing ideas about what’s driving it:

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