Dioxins in U.S. Farmed Fish


This includes ALL farmed fish that you get at fast food restaurants, grocery stores, fine dining restaurants (unless they explicitly state otherwise), etc.

There are solutions that we always mention on the podcast and there will be even more solutions given at Super-Human Training Session (4).

Some of you could be classified as ‘Fish Whisperers’  as such you have an uncanny ability to keep fish happy and healthy.  Well move that talent over to breeding salmon to be sold to individuals and restaurants.  These ‘specialty’ like endeavors will become ever more popular in the future.

People will pay top dollar for your naturally raised, non-toxin infused salmon #4.  I know I would be a customer!

Just a little more game for the reality of games that are being played.  ~Tony

Feed contaminated with toxic pollutants thought to originate from sewer sludge fed to chicken and fish results in human dioxin exposure through poultry, eggs, and catfish.



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