Did you know Mars has an atmosphere and a blue sky like the earth? (Some are suggesting this)


Apparently many are finding out that Mars isn’t red either, never was.

A variety of folks who claim to have been part of the secret space program-even the ones who disagree on other issues-all say that NASA has been making it look artificially red. A few years ago they predicted NASA would eventually start releasing accurate photos and admitting that there’s an atmosphere and water as part of gradual disclosure.

Richard C. Hoagland Was the first one I heard this from on the radio show Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell in the late 90s. In his story him and writer Authur C. Clark was at N.A.S.A. in a conference room with video streaming back before releasing it to the public. Everyone made the comments In the room it looked like earth. Then the video on the screen went dead and when it came back it was tented red.

Why don’t know , is it true don’t know this ether. Only know he reported on it in the 90s.





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