Developing Occult and Psychic Powers – Audiobook


Thought Vibration or Law of Attraction in Thought (Audiobook)

Developing Occult, Psychic Powers and Mental Powers, (Thought Vibration, or The Law of Attraction in the Thought World) by William Walker Atkinson


  1. Me being destroyed everywhere wasnt actually ‘him’ but he started it by giving that info to his gf Crystal. Who loved spreading it to everyone with the help of her friends. But he did ALOT of stuff too. ALOT. He knew it was a boxcutter not a razor. About the video. … it was actually Intel someone else who was running the program. Donna told me and repeated many of the horrible stuff I’ve heard before. ‘Trained, crackhead, doesnt care about her kids, house dirty, crazy, cant keep a job, etc etc etc.” Not true. “Do you think she’ll come to Court and say that”? That she saw the first video. That they were telling people I went along with. Not in my character at all. Plus,what I’ve said
    I’ve asked repeatedly for all.of us to take polygraphs on. Refused.


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