Couple Pays Off $125K Debt While Living in a Tiny House!


This couple paid off $125,000 of debt in 24 just months while living in a tiny house! Just a couple of years into their marriage, Marek & Kothney-Issa had found themselves in debt like a lot of young people who are just starting out.

They had student loans, car loans, credit card debt, the cost of their tiny house, and more. To achieve their debt-free goal, they used Dave Ramsey’s debt snowball method, along with a lot of discipline and multiple side jobs.

In this video, Marek & Ko share how they ended up in debt with student loans, two brand new cars, and credit card debt from shopping and traveling, and how they quickly made the decision to get out of the cycle of payments and always owing money.

They were very inspired by the stories of people who had followed the Dave Ramsey debt snowball method of paying off debt, and that’s how they made their goal a reality. Starting with a monthly budget, and then completely paying off one debt at a time from smallest to largest.


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