Classified alien footage from the KGB in the 1940s… You decide.


Slowed down footage:



What a viewer had to say:

Everyone, understandably, is making humorous comments about the turtlenecks, but to me the ‘turtlenecks’ make this video more convincing:


Let’s assume for a second that this video is a fake:

1. If the footage is really from the 1940s, I’m inclined to almost immediately think that it’s real. If not, it’s the most incredible example of special effects from that time period, and for many time periods to come as well (looks better than Star Wars for sure!). Either way, a tremendous amount of effort would have gone into such a thing: tremendous: so keep that in mind.

2. The video has to be at least 8 years old because that’s when it was uploaded to YouTube. 8 years ago, this still would have taken a great team, a genius, and advanced software to pull it off. This would have also required a tremendous effort.

So in both cases, whether new or old, if the video is fake it would have required a great deal of work and intelligence to pull off.

Here’s where the turtlenecks make it more believable: why, if you were someone going to this effort to create a hoax of this caliber, would you dress the aliens in TURTLENECKS?! Seriously…I know the little guys look like they’re late to Thanksgiving dinner with their fashion, but what genius capable of producing such a fine hoax would chose turtlenecks as the absurd aesthetic taste in style for the ET’s.

Why are they wearing turtlenecks?! Who knows! But I’m fairly certain a hoaxer wouldn’t do something preposterous.


What another viewer stated: 

This is the original YouTube channel that uploaded the original 4 videos: You’ll note the videos are still there for your viewing pleasure.

It is supposedly classified video taken by the KGB between 1942 and 1969 that was declassified in 2009. They are very much dressed in what looks like soviet style military sweaters. Which is what you’d expect to be dressed in if, say, you crash landed a vehicle/were rescued/shot down etc. in Soviet territory. That being said…they fit too well. That’s my only issue. You can tell they are much shorter than the Soviets, bc two Soviets walk in between the camera and the subjects. Also the camera is looking at a downward angle. Perhaps the Soviets had someone make these sweaters just for them. IDK. But, the clothing looks legit for the time period. Shit, even today, those look like standard issue military type sweaters.



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