Carl Jung and the Psychology of the Man-Child


Please note, this gives a detailed aspect of what is going on within the minds of people in these times.  Does it apply to all and every situation?  Of course not.  BUT… it does apply to many.  Is this also to blame men?  Or women?  Of course not.  Discussion about what causes to the effects we experience in society is a good thing, which is my opinion which now I’m stating as more of a fact.  Just as it is said, that those who do not know history are doomed to repeat it, is the same as it goes for the antics within the mind.  Those who do not seek to understand the causes and actions that are brought forth from their own minds, will be doomed to that repetition, that recycling of events that were caused by something within.  Go deep within and understand the whys, so if you may, push yourself into the highest aspects of yourself. ~Tony

Lessons – Lesson’s concerning Karmic Release all the way through Manifesting via your Will

The Mind Configurator – Advanced instruction on how to Access and program your Subconscious Mind

In this video we examine how a mother complex and absent father can explain why some men fail to mature psychologically and live an independent and successful life.


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