Black Lives Matter is at it again, Showing their true Agenda – You Decide


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We’ve talked about BLM on many occasions, showing the factual and actual tenets of what they believe in (it isn’t good folks) etc.

And in the end they’re a caricature of what an organization that is for a subset of the people should be.

Purposely created to make that subset of the population look like animals.

But hey…. people keep donating to them.. but it seems as you will see… some are awakening.

When you see this video… it may be shocking.  Regardless of what you think of Martin Luther King Jr… it seems they think much less by their actions.  And out of everyone… why would they have the most.. suspect looking woman (probably really a man) doing all the stereotypical things… twerking, crazy long fake hair, etc.

How are there even people around who would subject themselves to be fools on camera in 2021.

The story continues on how far these agents of chaos will go.




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