Batman’s great-grandfather founded Skull and Bones


Raise your hand high if you have always believed Batman is the good guy! Raise it as high as you can!

Well, for those who didn’t know he is actually a bad guy who plays good.  Batman has the wealth and the technology to make his targets those who are actually destroying society etc.  AND HE KNOWS WHO THEY ARE!  But yet, you see batman always fighting those such as joker who want the world to be free.

Batman’s father was in fact one of many powerful people who operated secret societies to keep society just the way it is… the have and have not.  Batman is the enforcer of this.

EPISODE “33” Mind you!…

So the Joker, Bane, The League of Shadows and all the other “villains” are tying to free the people from the elitist society which enslaves them.

Because society… or let’s say the people believe an Angel should be shimmering in white with a gold aura behind it, the people shall always be deceived. The Angels who have been in my life have never looked that way.  The devils have though.

Neo, the world is not the way it seems…



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